Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Nothing brings the kids to the church like a cool rosary!

The kids today like bowling, right?

Yeah. I don't even know. My cousin's daughters are getting ready for their First Communion, so I'm looking for a nice gift. This ain't it.

They also have them to clip on your bag in case you need to pray while you're out (and, I guess, your regular rosary takes up too much space):

(Yes, those are meant to be hockey pucks.)


BSC AG said...

Well, those

The "one decade" rosaries are pretty common. My aunt got me a nice one designed to be a bracelet made with gorgeous beads, and I still have it. You know, the sort of stuff that would never be on this site. :)

coulrophobic agnostic said...

Yeah, this site is mostly for the "why does this exist?" stuff. I do have affection for nice religious items as well, but most of my personal collection is wtfery. Heck, even my personal rosary beads from confirmation class were glow in the dark! (My mom carries them in her purse still..they're so filthy the glow is gone.)

BSC AG said...

Oh, I understand and I think your site is hilarious. I was offering an idea if you're still looking.

As for glow-in-the-dark...I had a crucifix growing up with a wood cross but a glow-in-the-dark Jesus. My dad had won it in Sunday school, I think.