Saturday, May 1, 2010

No, no, there are TEN Commandments, not four!

Oh, wait, you meant "FORE!"

(That was really lame, I do apologize.)

I am however curious: do children really play golf that often? My school offered a wide array of sporting events, but never golf, and I never knew anyone who played it as a kid. Again, I feel left out: my sports of choice were skating and equestrian, neither of which Jesus coaches!


ali said...

Perhaps a little windmill or clown would've made this one a bit more believable.

Jesus is quite the athlete.

BSC AG said...

With all the other sports, you'd think skating at least would make the cut! Maybe it's because ice was hard to find in the Middle East in the first century AD.

But surely they had horses...Donkeys, at least.

coulrophobic agnostic said...

Ali - now you have me drawing up plans for a Christian-themed mini golf course. I'll make a fortune!

BSC - yeah, I guess it would be hard for him to skate on sandals. Or ride horses in the man-dress.